Epson Surelab D700 Driver Download

Epson Surelab D700 Driver Download

Epson Surelab D700 Driver Download – The Epson SureLab D700, a conservative and lucrative inkjet, targets private ventures that are not beneficial in putting resources into a high-efficiency Minilabo, however, whose generation exceeds the capabilities of a fly printer. Conventional ink. This statement of the Japanese producer takes after that of Fujifilm, last October, which then showed its Frontier-S DX100 tested in Workflow N ° 6. The two machines chase on a similar terrain, with the printing characteristics of the inkjet, including the rich tonal multiplication using six shading cartridges.

Epson Surelab D700 Driver Download

The use of dark ink also offers much better Dmax than the color sublimation innovation found in the most versatile print frames. To see the two Epson and Fujifilm machines, one can reflect a lot about their beginning. The same scheme, the same impression, the same innovation, the same cartridges of 200 ml, the Frontier-S DX100 and the Epson SureLab D700 appear to be genuine twin sisters. Only the name of the color inks changes: Vividia in Fujifilm and UltraChrome D6-S in Epson.

The SureLab D700, similar to the SureLab D3000 propelled almost two years before, can force three types of media matt, shiny or reflective when Fujifilm from now only offers two roles, matte or glossy. The medium is stacked in rolls of 65 m long and 102 mm, 127 mm, 152 mm, 203 mm or 210 mm wide. The SureLab D3000 improves the situation by allowing to tolerate paper movements of up to 305 mm wide. With a coordinated cutting frame, the SureLab D700 can print images that extend in width from 8.9 cm to 100 cm, for example, the Fujifilm Frontier-S.

The machine uses Epson Micropiezo printing innovation and allows you to choose between 720 x 360 dpi, “Standard ” 720 x 720 dpi and “high caliber ” of 1440 x 720 dpi. Finally, in terms of profitability, the manufacturer declares 360 prints of 10×15 cm per hour in standard quality and 180 impressions of 10×15 each hour in high caliber. The association with a PC is done in USB. The Epson SureLab D700 has effective access for €2,995, which is what could well be called the Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100.

Epson Surelab D700 Driver Download

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